Russell Overton, an employee for the U.S. Department of Energy’s liquid waste contractor Savannah River Remediation, was awarded the 2013 Voluntary Protection Program Participant’s Association Safety and Health Achievement Award.

Overton, an operator in SRR’s Saltstone facilities, was presented the award at the 29th Annual National VPPPA Conference in Nashville, Tenn., on Aug. 26.

The VPPPA Board of Directors selected Overton for his model safety and health practices at SRR.

After winning the first SRR Safety and Health Achievement Award in March 2013, Overton was nominated for the VPPPA national award and required to submit documented evidence of his safety and health program knowledge, training and involvement at the worksite and his community, and recommendations from SRR management. He also had to successfully complete a comprehensive workbook outlining OSHA standards and procedures, hazard assessment, prevention and control, employee involvement, and other Voluntary Protection Program elements.

Overton receives health, safety award