It is very democratic indeed that all of the government entities are listening to residents regarding the widening of Hithcock Parkway. Two easy fixes would be to add another left turn lane onto U.S. 1 and to put a stoplight at Dibble near Cold Creek Nursery.

Looking to the future, realistically, what is really needed is an entirely new road. This should be four lanes and head south from U.S. 1 across Sam’s Club and toward Sliver Bluff. Right of ways should be acquired now before the area is filled up with residential development. This new road would actually create another way to get to the Southside and even to Atomic Road.

One thing that is not being discussed enough is the estimated time to complete the project – three to four years

The response is “Oh, in two phases.” These would be from Silver Bluff to Huntsman Drive. Huntsman Drive to U.S. 1. Try to imagine the traffic snaking around Pine Log for all those years.

Yes, a new road will cost money, but it would accomplish what is needed – another route to the south of Aiken.

Sandra M. Harris