These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for Sept. 6-8. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the “Crime” tab.

Sharon Ruth Wilkins, 49 — criminal domestic violence

Prentiss Jacobey Dobey, 31 — simple assault

Robert Lee Hamm Jr., 54 — public drunk, public consumption

Craig Elliott Martin, 30 — driving under the influence

Shawn Lamar Bennie Brown, 33 — indecent exposure, criminal domestic violence

Cassandra McCullough, 35 — driving under suspension first offense

Melissa Nicole Barnes, 34 — driving under suspension third offense

Wolfgang Nathan Knapstein, 32 — criminal domestic violence

Tyler Jacob Roon, 25 — receiving stolen goods

Kevin Troy Kirkland, 26 — filing a false police report

Ronald Allen Malpass, 24 — driving under the influence second offense

Charles Richard Keenan Sr., 49 — driving under the influence second offense

Desmond Mazzini Cooper, 17 — possession of stolen property

Randy Ollie Toole, 53 — shoplifting second offense

Billy Ray Bagwell, 65 — driving under the influence, no proof of insurance, open container

Kesha Lashondra Stevens, 35 — criminal domestic violence

Harold Keith Canionreo, 45 — criminal domestic violence

Reginald Tubman Sr., 44 — criminal domestic violence

Peter Damico, 60 — driving under the influence

Gregory Antonio Anthony, 30 — driving under suspension third offense

Ian Patrick Cunningham, 31 — disorderly conduct

Eric Antonia Bryant, 41 — driving under the influence

Larry Scott, 45 — open container, driving under the influence, driving under suspension, simple possession of marijuana

Antonio Raynard Johnson, 20 — breach of trust with fraudulent intent

Matthew Evan Smith, 28 — driving under the influence first offense

Caleb Hunter Hancock, 18 — driving under the influence first offense

Chasity Shalynn Gilyard, 23 — criminal domestic violence

Christopher L. Clark, 28 — driving under suspension first offense, possession of narcotics two counts, driving under the influence

Karma Gouin, 44 — criminal domestic violence

Richard Curtis Rivers III, 54 — driving under suspension second offense

Robert Hugh Loner, 48 — driving under the influence, open container

Robert Oates Brockington, 26 — possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension, simple possession of marijuana second offense

Derek Jaron Pressley, 25 — driving under the influence

Anthony Thomas Taylor, 31 — assault and battery third degree

Cayla Jordan Gamester, 20 — disorderly conduct

Caroline Louise Shaw, 20 — disorderly conduct

Matthew Clark Phillips, 27 — disorderly conduct

Calvin Kay Herron, 42 — driving under the influence first offense

Aaron Dane Catlett, 22 — driving under the influence first offense

Antwoine Duwan Bryant, 31 — driving under the influence first offense

Mary Ellen Heath, 49 — failure to comply

Stephanie Lauren Castleberry, 19 — disorderly conduct, assault and battery

Jeremy Ryan Heath, 21 — assault and battery third degree, disorderly conduct

Tydrick Lamar Lott, 22 — disorderly conduct

Christopher Hugh Hemminger, 24 — trespassing after notice

Michael Edwards Franks, 29 — unlawful neglect of children or vulnerable adults

Karen Evette Peterson, 28 — criminal domestic violence