A special meeting will take place on Tuesday for Aiken County Council to gather resident feedback on Project Jackson.

The public hearing begins at 6 p.m. in Aiken Technical College's auditorium. Council may conduct a second reading on an item to extend its participation in North Augusta's Tax Incremental Financing agreement or often called the TIF. Council approved the first reading on its consent agenda in August.

Project Jackson is a proposal for major economic development along North Augusta's waterfront to include a baseball stadium, convention center and more.

The meeting is being held in the Aiken Tech auditorium because of the anticipation of a large crowd. At the last Aiken County Council meeting in which Project Jackson was discussed, the chambers were packed. Even before the meeting started, only standing room was available.

In order to generate the needed revenue for its investment, North Augusta would collect on future property tax revenue over and above the frozen assessed value of property in the TIF district.

Approval of Aiken County's participation in the financing plan is the next step to move the proposal forward.

The Aiken County Board of Education has already agreed to a limited role in funding Project Jackson through the North Augusta TIF plan.

Council turned down the proposal when it was first presented in the spring. One issue that was a deciding factor for some Council members was the fact that the land values were frozen in 1996 when the existing TIF district was created. Council wanted the values to reflect 2012 levels.

The numbers were adjusted to 2012 land values by North Augusta officials.

If the ordinance moves forward on Tuesday, the third reading will be held during the regular meeting on Sept. 17.

Amy Banton is the County reporter for the Aiken Standard and has been with the publication since May 2010. She is a native of Rustburg, Va. and a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman's College.