Do nothing

While our “do nothing” Congress sits on its hands, while some make political hay by skewering their opponents over health care reform, the greatest country in the world has one of the highest (per person) health care costs. Compared to France, our costs are double, while our infant mortality rate is twice that of France. Instead of turning a blind eye to the elephant in the room, why not ask how much special interest drug company money is skewing the interests of our elected officials toward big business while we pay the bill. How much of our medical costs are funds laundered in Washington?

Dissenting view

Here is a dissenting view for wanting to maintain the three wooden bridges in downtown Aiken. Because of the deplorable conditions of our roads and bridges in the Aiken area, it is obvious that the government agencies responsible for maintaining the roadways don’t have enough funds to do so.

Wooden technology

In view of the limited funds, I don’t know why we would go with wooden technology just for historical reasons. In reviewing the bridge on York Street, I measured one piece of the wood removed that was about the size of a frying pan. Many other areas had chunks of wood removed and many fasteners protruding. To compound the problems, the boards are turned perpendicular to the plane of the tires crossing them, thereby creating a “washboard” effect for the entire length of crossing. At least if the boards were turned parallel to the tires there would be less wear and tear on the vehicles. I say go with modern technology for these bridges, so they have a better chance of lasting longer, rather than wood bridges that wear out sooner and have no money to replace them.


I would like to know what percentage of the cuts are management versus those who actually do the work. It would also be nice to know how many upper management positions will be cut. My guess is it will be a 2 percent management cut and 98 percent worker cut.