I was watching the news at 3 a.m. and was disgraced by all the women in their bras and panties flaunting themselves.

Cutting weeds

Are there any elected officials who can demand and require the SCDOT to cut the weeds in the median at the intersection of Richland Avenue and the bypass near Walmart?


What's aggravating the people and homeowners in the City of Aiken is that the mayor has no consistency to his actions. Over the past few years, the widening of Silver Bluff Road was recommended to be four lanes. This project wasn't done because they City wanted to protect Woodside. Everything can't be added to Silver Bluff with nothing changing. However, the mayor is all for making Hitchcock Parkway a four-lane.

No Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham should be forced to participate in a primary. We don't need to send him back to the senate.

Playing games

The mayor recently stated that the city mil rate was reduced. He blamed the reassessment for the higher taxes. Municipalities have played this game on homeowners since taxes were invented. It really doesn't matter what item gets changed, your assessment or the rate as both can, and are, manipulated by the cities and towns. What really matters is what your property tax bill is at the end of the year. Compare that to your previous bill, and that will tell you if you are paying more (usually) or less property taxes. Don't be fooled by self-serving politicians.


Aiken Mayor Cavanaugh said that the City had to reassess every five years, and that was really the reason taxes went up. He also said that the City had reduced the mil rate. Could the mayor explain why house values go up when the housing market here and nationally, is trending down? Does he use the clueless Aiken County Assessors to come up with bogus appraisals?

Meeting standards

In most communities with which I am familiar, when a developer carves out a new area, he is responsible for constructing all roads, and they must meet City/County standards. A bond must also be posted to ensure compliance. No “patch” jobs are allowed or approved.