Road tax

I have an aunt who lives in Belvedere and is 88. She retired from Clearwater Finishing Plant and can’t afford $5 more road tax. She needs to have a vote on Project Jackson.

Homeland problems

This country has enough problems instead of worrying about Syria and Egypt. Obama shouldn’t have to cut his vacation short.

Miley Cyrus

Everywhere I look on the Internet, Miley Cyrus and her twerking are being condemned. However, the article in the paper gave a glowing report of her vulgar dancing. I don’t get it.

Dogs at Aiken’s Makin’

I would like to see no dogs allowed at Aiken’s Makin’. Most of us would rather not see dogs there.


The Obama administration is spending $680 million of our tax dollars for a hard sell on Obamacare. If it was such a popular concept and you believed all the promises and lies, why would it be necessary for the “down your throat” ad push? If it were such a great deal, why does Congress exempt themselves and their staffs? If it such a wonderful plan, why does Obama exempt himself?

Project Jackson

The School Board has not given away any tax money by approving the Project Jackson TIF in North Augusta. It is like an investment on their part, with a goal of obtaining future tax revenue for the schools. Let’s keep the focus on the real questions: Should the city build a baseball stadium in the first place, and if so, should they build it in this particular location?

EMS fix

I think County Council needs to start at the top to fix the mess that’s going on at EMS.

Aiken’s Makin’

It’s a shame that local people can’t get into Aiken’s Makin’. It started out as a showcase for local talent, but they are closing them out in favor of out-of-towners.

Animal control

The people who purchase the $800 dogs are not the problem. The problem is people who leave their dogs and don’t take care of them. If everyone had to pay such a price for his or her animal, he or she would be less likely to abandon them.

Aiken County schools

The state recently graded the Aiken County schools a C. All of the administrators had excuses as to why this happened, but they want more money. They need to strip away the layers of beauracracy.