Picking and choosing

It’s time for the American people to start boycotting TV media. They are destroying this country. They destroyed Paula Deen and shoved Trayvon Martin down our throats, yet you hear nothing about these black boys who beat a white boy on the bus or the ones who shot the baseball player. They are picking and choosing what to cover.

Downtown pizza

I’m horrified to hear that the Bowery has been sold to a chain pizza place. There is already a pizza restaurant. The Alley needs to be protected. The Bowery should have been sold to someone who would have kept it as the West Side Bowery.


Someone said the lights in New Ellenton were going out every two months. That sounds really suspicious. That rumor about Martians testing for the best attack time might be true.

Minority status

I’m so sick and tired of hearing about diversity in every walk of life. Now, with the construction on the new Aiken County Government Center, we have to have our percentage of minorities working, be it women, blacks, Hispanics, American Indians or Asians. What happened to hiring the best people for the job regardless of their color? Do we hire on a percentage basis just because we need our quota? I would be insulted if I was hired not because of my ability but because of my minority status.

Good job

The Graniteville Volunteer Fire Department was marvelous when dealing with my recent house fire in Warrenville. The house was lost, but they contained the fire and did their best. Thank you for your kindness.