King and Obama

I believe that Dr. King, whom I greatly admire, would be critical of President Obama for his many racial behaviors; support of victims should apply to all races, not just those cases where the victim is black. The president is setting us back toward another period of isolation.

Three cellphones

A local woman had her purse forcibly taken from her by a local lowlife. But the story went on to say that the woman had three cellphones in her purse. The $64 question is: Why would anyone have three cellphones in their possession? Methinks there is more to this story.

Bad driving

To the female driver who pulled out of the BP station on Pine Log Road on Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m., squeezing across three lanes of traffic, then going several yards the wrong way on Pine Log in order to make a left turn into McDonald’s, do you have any idea how many lives you put in jeopardy, including your own? If one of the drivers who stopped for your recklessness had been a police officer, you would have been arrested.

Aiken is lucky

The Hopelands Summer Concert Series finale with the Aiken Concert Band was such a treat. Many thanks should be given to the Aiken Concert Band. We are so fortunate to have so many talented musicians who give so freely of their time and talents. The City of Aiken Department of Parks and Recreation should also be thanked for planning and promoting such fine entertainment for the community.

Dry cleaners

I took a dress to the dry cleaners and was told it would be more than what the sign said because they hadn’t been charging enough.


My wife, daughter and I have no co-payments on our insurance. My wife has two cellphones. Just because you have a co-payment doesn’t mean everyone does.

Come a long way

The U.S. has come a long way in the last 50 years. We have a minority in the White House and a minority in the Statehouse.


I’ve noticed that when I travel from the interstate into downtown Aiken that the sidewalks on Highway 19 are nearly grown over. What was the purpose of putting it down it no one can use it?


I’m a USC alumnus, and I’m so sick of seeing Clowney in the paper. He’s not the only person on that football team. I wish the team good luck, but why give one man so much credit?