Downtown mosquitoes

Here’s hoping the City of Aiken sprays the “ponds” in the middle of Park Avenue for mosquitoes before Aiken’s Makin’. The mosquitoes are swarming, and it will probably take more than one spraying. While they’re at it, they can come out to Aiken Estates and give it a good spraying.

Low-hanging pants

Why don’t the City and County arrest all these boys who wear their pants down to their knees? No one wants to see their underwear. Where are their morals? What are they trying to prove? This is a disgrace.

Social Security

FDR started Social Security, and since then all the presidents have been borrowing from it. If the government would have left it alone, there would have been more than enough money for future generations.


The roses in front of the marquee are obscuring it. Something needs to be done about it.

Survey scam

There is a survey scam on the military operating in the 803 area code.

Project Jackson

For those who don’t understand, the School Board members who voted for Project Jackson are simply reaffirming our list of priorities.

Football facility

Why is Aiken High’s football facility so far behind everyone else’s?


Obamacare is going to destroy our medical people and turn us into a second-world country. Stop watching sports.