Someone spoke and hundreds of people, including 426 children, died from a chemical weapon. President Obama and the “world” reacted in shock and horror.

The one who spoke: Bashar Assad, the dictator of Syria. The dead from chemical attacks were Syrians, adding hundreds to the 100,000 already dead in the two-year Civil War.

The top diplomat of the United States put it this way: “President Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world’s most heinous weapons against the world’s most vulnerable people.” Forty years ago, seven black-robed men spoke in Roe v. Wade. Hundreds, then thousands, then millions died – all children: Some from chemical attack, some by dismemberment, the smallest removed from their temporary abode by a vacuum tube.

These who were slaughtered are indeed “the-world’s-most-vulnerable-people.” These are the “as-yet-unborn:” Children slaughtered by their compliant mother, the greed of the abortionist, and the aid of the federal government. A total of 55,000,000 unborn babies have been slaughtered since the seven black-robed men spoke, almost 4,000 each day since that black day in 1973. There is no burial ceremony for these “unborn children” as there was for those killed in Syria. There is no grave with a marker. That is “verboten” decreed by judges at the behest of the perverted mindset of those advocating slaughter of the unborn child. Instead they are abandoned to the trash bin or the sewer.

As this is written, John Kerry has waxed eloquent over the shrouded bodies of the Syrian children. Obama is dithering over conducting an illegal war to “exact retribution” against Assad to save face after his red line threats.

There will be no retribution for the slaughter of the “as-yet-unborn children;” at least not in this life.

Charlotte Baker