Watch for Obama to pardon Jesse Jackson Jr. or his wife when Obama leaves office. This will remove the conviction from Jackson’s record and enable him to get any job.

The Bowery

My family will miss the Bowery dearly. Wait until Mellow Mushroom paints the walls pastel and puts up 3-D statues of pizza characters. The Laurens Street bridge will be considered fine art.

New hotels

Of course we need new hotels on Whiskey Road. Obviously, we need them for when people come to Aiken to stay. Of course we need them.

Lights on

Dark-colored cars need to have their lights on in the rain and at dusk.


Doctors are misdiagnosing in critical care. They pronounce people dead who are still alive. Do they lack basic medical skills?

Project Jackson

Aiken County Council should show more sense and integrity and vote against Project Jackson. It’s going to come back and bite the county.

I have never seen or heard of any project that the leaders and citizens took on that did not succeed. It will be a success because they will support it. It will be clean, safe and fun because that’s the way it is in North Augusta.

Food stamps

If jobs paid money you wouldn’t need food stamps. These days, people need food stamps and the soup kitchen.

Joe Wilson

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., isn’t addressing any veteran’s groups. Their benefits are lacking.