A new, physician-run weight loss practice will open on Tuesday.

Dr. Greg Eaves, of Carolina Heart and Vascular, has decided to open his new practice, Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD, here in Aiken.

“Weight loss translates into cost-savings as patients spend less on medications, doctor visits and food, and have fewer days missed on the job,” Eaves said.

He said Wellness & Weight Loss MD will set itself apart from other weight-loss programs because the practice works side-by-side with each patient's primary care physician to help patients reduce risk factors and manage their transition off medications as their health improves.

He said patients can feel safe knowing that Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD is a physician-monitored program.

“Throughout my career as a cardiologist, I have seen the end results of obesity through heart attacks and many other health issues, so I wanted to stop these problems before patients get to that point,” Eaves said.

His new practice encourages patients to pursue healthier lifestyles rather than going on short-term diets. His practice helps to modify negative behaviors and promote wellness through healthy dietary choices and exercise programs.

For now, the practice will be located in the Carolina Heart & Vascular Center at 137 Miracle Drive as the new building is completed.

For more information, contact Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD at 803-646-5003. You can find them online at www.aikenweightloss.com or on Facebook.