Where’s the outrage?

Where is the nationwide news media’s outrage over the “for fun” murder of the white Australian by the three young black men? Is it OK to kill a white person? This is a double standard for the media it seems. The explosive, sometimes opinion, in the Martin case served to drive a wedge between races and was wrong.

Paid meal

We want to thank the older couple who paid for our meal at Golden Corral on Wednesday. It was very nice of you and it was greatly appreciated.

By law

By law Aiken County has to reappraise properties every 5 years. Most of the time citizens do see an increase in their property values, however it is not because of the city raising taxes; as a matter of fact, the city has reduced the city millage rate at least 3 times in recent years.


I have never seen or heard of any project that the leaders and citizens took on that did not succeed. It will be a success because they will support it. It will be clean, safe and fun because that’s the way it is in North Augusta.

Stray kitten

I’d like to thank the Aiken County Animal Shelter for coming quickly to pick up the stray kitten someone dropped off in my yard.

On the ballot

Project Jackson should be put on the ballot so all of Aiken County can decide on it.

Build more

Why don’t companies build more on the Westside so we don’t have to travel to the Southside.


Cut the bushes at Union and Richland. There has been an accident.

A raise

The Aiken should be ashamed about looking at ways to spend money that don’t include giving our police officers a raise. They should receive a 10 percent increase. Something should be done about that.

The public

When was the last time County Council cared about what the public thinks? The public hearing and public input all say we shouldn’t give our money to a private entity. The school board held public hearings and look what happened.

An overpass

An overpass should be built over Hitchcock Parkway so people can’t build things along it and it could be a true bypass like it was originally planned to be.