Man accuses suspect of pointing gun at him

A North Augusta man called police while seated in his car with passengers when a subject parked at his house.

The man told police that the subject pulled out a “big silver gun” and pointed it at his head. According to the man, the subject also told him to stop yelling. The man then exited the car and ran.

The subject told police that when he asked the man about stealing from someone, the man ran. The subject stated he was holding a flashlight. The other passengers said no gun was ever seen.

Man accuses suspect of stealing farm equipment

A North Augusta man asked a subject to watch over his farm property at Blitchard Road while he was away.

According to the man, he returned to his property and observed several unknown black men and women running through his yard. He also said he saw a vehicle leaving the property with his trailers filled with items.

The man said the subject made forced entry into the storage building and stole his saddle and saddle racks, and three horses. The man said he believes the subject also stole a moped and farming equipment.