Bowery’s closing

I am dismayed to hear that the Bowery is being replaced with a Mellow Mushroom. Having been to the one in Augusta, I now realize just how terrible this is for our once wholesome community. The walls are decorated with various promotions of the use of illegal drugs, and the wait staff are covered from head to toe with piercings and tattoos. If we want downtown Aiken to be like downtown Augusta, maybe we should remember how many shootings they have.

Criticizing authority

Much has been written about some of the local programs (example — programs at SRS) not being funded or having their funding cut. Hypothetically, let us assume you called your boss a liar in front of other employees. Do you think this would help your programs to be funded? No, neither would Rep. Wilson. What if every time your boss said something, anything, you rushed to find the nearest media outlet to denounce what he just said. Do you think that would help you achieve your objections? No, and neither would Sen. Graham. People, even on the federal people are human beings with feelings — just like President Obama. Please consider electing leaders who will cooperate and not insult one another (on both “sides of the aisle”). The future of our country is more important than partisan politics.

No shoes

I think I’ve seen it all after witnessing a young man and his grandmother walk barefoot into a salon to have a haircut. How can this be allowed?

Detroit’s bankruptcy

How can Detroit’s bankruptcy be blamed on the Democrats? This is something that happened while all parties were president. Detroit mismanaged money and suffered from the recession.

Paved roads

Kudos to the Aiken road department for removing the steel plates and paving smooth they road. They did a good job on patching the roads.