Why aren’t all our representatives in Washington, D.C., on Obamacare? Do you think they excluded themselves for a reason? Think about it.

Caller ID

Caller ID is the best way to ignore telemarketer calls. Also, don’t answer the phone call between 6 and 6:30 p.m. If you have an answering machine, you can screen for your important calls.

Dog adoption

I adopted an older dog that no one wanted, and she has brought me nothing but love and joy. God believes all living creatures deserve love and good qualities of life.

Job losses

I’m sorry those jobs are being lost at SRS, but we need to remember that jobs are being lost everywhere, not just SRS. I don’t know how this is Obama’s fault.

Public water

We normally run our well water to our house for all our family needs but are also hooked up to New Ellenton public water. We recently had to temporarily switch over to the public water due to a well pump problem. I can tell you that the public water supply from New Ellenton tastes like Clorox bleach. It has a terrible taste. I feel sorry for people who have to use water from New Ellenton on a regular basis.

County spending

Aiken County should spend some money on the land that the citizen’s own. Boyd’s Pond Road needs a shooting range. This would be important for a lot of people. County Council should address this.

Clone pastor

If only it were possible to clone the Rev. Andrea, so all churches could have one.

Police blotter

I appreciate the police blotter. I think it’s a nice way to stay informed about what’s going on and crime in the neighborhood. I do wish the stores that were victims of shoplifting were named.


There was an accident with injuries in front of Aiken Tech today. Why can’t there be a stoplight? They’re putting a stoplight for Sam’s Club, why can’t they put a stoplight for the students?

Thank you

I want to thank Ms. Reba for turning in my wallet with all its money in it. I had left it in a buggy. Thank you.