Why aren’t there more columns in the paper from Starr Parker? We need more of her columns.

Project Jackson

Why can’t Project Jackson be put on the ballot, so taxpayers can vote on it? That way, they can find out if people want it or not.


I see we have a Liberal here in town who believes that recent terrorist activity in the United States came from “radical Christians, white supremacists and far-right militia groups.” They must have been asleep or watching MSNBC, when those two radical Muslims detonated the bombs that killed and maimed innocent people at the Boston Marathon. Was Maj. Nidal Hasan the radical Christian who gunned down his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood? Only a far-left Liberal uses the term “investment” to mask what we all know is the government spending our taxpayer dollars.

Employee skills

I noticed that, in the feature article on what skills employers look for in new graduates, the reporter did not bother to interview the management of the Aiken Standard. It would have been interesting to see if the ability to consistently construct correct, simple, declarative sentences and to operate spell check are desirable for those who write for the paper. Perhaps the supervisors were out to lunch at the time.


There has been much discussion about education in the paper. This is an excellent example of just what is wrong with our education system. Out of 12 students, four of them spoke of getting an education; eight students were either interested in seeing friends, playing sports or just “getting through.” Our educator’s should take this and find a way to interest more students in getting an education. I believe that there is too much attention placed on sports, but, if there are requirements making certain that grade point averages are a condition for participation, possibly some of these athletes would enter college knowing how to read, write and speak properly.

Handgun missing

I missed the almost-daily “handgun missing” snippet from Tuesday’s blotter. This was after hearing on Monday that the NYPD was able to take 250 illegal guns off the streets, 90 percent of which had come from out of state, and most of those from North Carolina and South Carolina. I also heard on Monday that a federal judge ruled NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy unconstitutional. Folks, secure your weapons. The Second Amendment, which I fully support, carries with it a level of responsibility. Crooks with guns in New York City, coupled with law enforcement unable to perform a vital part of their job, spells disaster for those folks.