Movie selection

Why isn’t Aiken showing all movies? They didn’t show “Fruitvale Station.” Certain movies they let pass by.

Restaurant shrimp

Tails are left on restaurant shrimp because it makes the shrimp look bigger. They’re also saving money not having to clean them.


Why shouldn’t everyone pay for Obamacare if you use it? I pay for BlueCross/BlueShield and Medicare. If you don’t want to pay for it, buy your own insurance. Get over it, he’s our president.

Move to Russia

To the person who thinks that Russia has higher moral standards than the U.S.: Your passport and a one-way ticket to Moscow are ready, please pick up at your earliest convenience.

The people who think America is socially bankrupt should pack their bags and move to Russia. It’s people like you with your hate and your mongering that’s bankrupting this country. God knows who you are.


A recent survey found that a person on welfare makes more money than if that person worked at a minimum wage job. And does anyone wonder why our country is headed down hill?

School coverage

There are always things in the paper about other schools. Why is there never anything in there about Oakwood-Windsor special ed classes?

Yellow Pages

Why doesn’t the new Yellow Pages have North Augusta numbers in it? It’s aggravating.

A-Rod plunking

I’ve started a fund to send to Ryan Dempster as a reward for hitting A-Rod.

Doctor issues

Doctors are misdiagnosing in critical care. They pronounce people dead who are still alive. Do they lack basic medical skills?

Project Jackson

Aiken County Council should show more sense and integrity and vote against Project Jackson. It’s going to come back and bite the county.

Coyote repellent

If you want to keep coyotes away from the Carolina dogs, put a donkey in the field. The donkey will take care of the coyotes.

Golf coverage

Why is Tiger Woods always featured? Why not give attention to younger players who are doing well.