The sidewalks on Silver Bluff Road from Dougherty Road to Pine Log Road and then down Pine Log Road past Houndslake’s entrance haven’t been taken care of in years. There are weeds growing over the sidewalks, tree limbs inhibiting walking upright in several areas, trash, etc. The City is supposed to maintain these sidewalks but hasn’t. Now, it is telling us that it will maintain the median on the new and improved bypass. There was a burned out mattress leaning against the Truck Route 19 sign at the corner of Silver Bluff and the bypass for over a week. Nice welcome to the “All America City.”

Hitchcock Parkway

The City Council and state planning commission should leave Hitchcock Parkway alone. It is the only vestige of beauty left on the Southside. Do we need Whiskey Road repeated on Hitchcock Parkway? The road construction will also force people to drive through downtown.

Those afraid of change that oppose the improvements to the Hitchcock Parkway need to open their eyes to the long-term benefits. It is rare even today to drive anywhere near the speed limit on the bypass. As Aiken ages even more, the problem will get worse. There will be no increased traffic with the widening, only improved flow for everyone. Only good will come with the short-term construction issues.


I was at my doctors office today minding my own business. I observed a young man come out from wherever. He somehow just had to pay a $2 co-pay, and he hung around for his medicine. Then, to my amazement, he pulled out a cellphone much better than mine. I paid my $30 co-pay, received my prescription and paid some more at the drugstore. I will never complain. As I think many of us still have honor and integrity. I stood sentry with the 3rd ID, The Old Guard. I have perpetually guarded and walked my post in Arlington, for such soul known but to God.

Bowling parking

The bowling alley on Whiskey Road has some serious parking issues. First, some parking spaces are right on Whiskey Road. Anyone pulling into or out of these spaces will be chancing an accident. That’s a built-in hazard. Secondly, there are not enough parking spaces in the rest of the lot to accommodate nights that leagues are playing. Lack of planning and/or no common sense seems to be in play here.