Coroner’s office

People who need autopsies aren’t complaining about where the coroner’s office is located.

Somehow, I get the feeling that a person in need of an autopsy doesn’t really care where it’s performed.


I wonder why the Martin case got so much press, but when a man kills an innocent baby in a stroller, it gets little press. Where are all the rallies for that crime? Did our president have a comment for that horrible crime? There could not be a more disgusting and sick crime. I guess the media and the masses thinks racism only one goes one way.

The mall is sad

This mall is sad. Why did this mall slowly go down hill? Is it just a bad economy or poor management, or both? It doesn’t seem like management has done much to bring this mall back. No creativity. No new renters. No new good eateries. No promotions. Little advertising. It appears no one cares. It’s a shame. Maybe the Aiken Standard could do an article on this mall to shed some light on it.


I get at least three or four telemarketers daily. Sometimes, they’re all from the same company. I don’t want to be running around picking up the phone like this. Something needs to be done. The Do Not Call list doesn’t work.


WikiLeaks showed the world what was being done in the name of the American people, and Congress has never declared war.

Puppy fees

I can’t believe someone would pay $800 dollars for a puppy when they can find them in a ditch or Dumpster. It’s sad that people won’t rescue dogs and will instead pay for them.

Walmart stock

I noticed that Walmart’s stock plunged. It was attributed to the poor economy. The economy has been this way for six years and, suddenly, your stock plunges because of it? I attribute it to the boycott of Paula Deen. I stopped shopping there when it dropped Deen; maybe others have, too.

Job losses

It’s too bad that the jobs being lost at SRS due to budget cuts aren’t affecting only those who voted for Obama.

Dog adoption

Sometimes, people need to make the intelligent decision to put their dog to sleep. It’s ridiculous to adopt older dogs.

Aiken needs ...

Aiken needs a good Greek diner, a Jewish deli and a family-run German restaurant.