Well, we have been handed another disappointment, yet again, by the Aiken County School Board with their 7-2 vote for Project Jackson. Last summer, it was a tax increase and this summer a vote for Project Jackson. Am I confused? Aren’t school taxes and county taxes supposed to go to support what we the tax payers say they are for? One of the things that I cannot get over is how seven board members, some are not even from North Augusta, can represent people and put their votes into a non-county-wide project.

Perhaps these seven Aiken County School Board Members will be voted out of office to make room for some rational thinking members. In my opinion, it is not rational to tie up much needed school taxes when the County cannot even keep up the school building quality. Aiken County schools need to be brought up to par and additional schools built.  This is what the Aiken County School Board needs to be spending our school taxes on.

Now, the vote comes to the Aiken County Council. I trust this governmental body will realize that to build something in North Augusta means absolutely nothing to the tax payers outside of North Augusta. For this reason, a county-wide referendum must be performed to give every tax-payer a voice in this non-rational Project Jackson.

 Timothy Tim Monroe Bledsoe

North Augusta