Project Jackson

Project Jackson should be put on the ballot, so all of Aiken County can decide on it.

Aiken’s westside

Why don’t companies build more on the westside, so we don’t have to travel to the southside?

Police raise

Aiken should be ashamed about looking at ways to spend money that don’t include giving our police officers a raise. They should receive a 10 percent increase. Something should be done about that.

Wilson tour

Joe Wilson isn’t addressing any veteran’s groups. Their benefits are lacking.

Car lights

Dark colored cars need to have their lights on in the rain and at dusk.

Hazardous bushes

Cut the bushes at Union and Richland. There has been an accident.

Bowery goodbye

My family will miss the Bowery dearly. Wait until Mellow Mushroom paints the walls pastel and puts up 3-D statues of pizza characters. The Laurens Street bridge will be considered fine art.

ACP productions

My wife and I always enjoy the Aiken Community Playhouse productions, but I feel compelled to write TalkBack about the current production of “On the Flight Path.” Our matinee Sunday was one of the most enjoyable theater experiences we’ve ever had. Neither of us was familiar with the play, so were pleased with how funny and yet poignant it is. Our joy was amplified by the great talent shown by the four members of the local cast, who were more than up to the timing and nuance required by the play. David Skeen especially demonstrated not only great comic acting ability, but heroic endurance as well, in the near-marathon role of John, the central character. I recommend anyone with an interest in theater get tickets to this weekend’s final performances.

Electricity concerns

The lack of electricity in New Ellenton needs to be investigated. The lights go out every two months and I don’t think that’s right.

Sand problem

On Banks Mill Road about one half mile north of the Cedar Creek entrance, a logging operation has created a large pile of sand that heavy rains has washed across the road. Who is responsible for cleaning up this mess? I would hope that it is either the land owner or the logging company. But this sand should be removed to eliminate this hazard.