Proud American

In response to the “Wake up and vote” TalkBack, I feel sorry for that 70-plus-year-old veteran. I may not be happy with the way a lot of things are going in America right now, and I may be embarrassed by the way the politicians are running our country. But as a 63-year-old veteran having served 21 years in the military, nobody will ever hear me say that I am embarrassed to be an American. That phrase just isn’t in my vocabulary.


Will someone tell me why the Aiken Department of Public Safety needs a Hummer?

Hitchcock meeting

At the meeting mentioned, Mayor Cavanaugh did not solicit comments from concerned citizens. He just banged the gavel, saying, “Meeting adjourned.” Has he forgotten who he is supposed to represent? Why is it an embarrassment to Aiken for people to voice their opinions and concerns about the beautiful parkway? I see no evidence that 16,000 cars travel the parkway every day. For the most part, the traffic runs smoothly and even sparsely at times. Why would more lanes and more stop lights increase the flow of traffic? If having better access to the hospital is a concern, then why no comments about Whiskey Road and other bottlenecks? As for having “self-interest,” wanting to spend millions of dollars unnecessarily reeks of it.

Hitchcock editorial

The editorial for August 14 states, “There’s an undeniable need that Hitchcock Parkway should be expanded for the future. The question remains when...” That’s somewhat like giving a crutch to all 4-year-old because sometime in the future it may be needed. Until that time they need to be maintained or repaired.

Obama opinions

Did you like what the president said about moving the middle class up, about bringing more to the middle class? How does that work with the doubling of gas prices in the last five years? If you are near the middle class, you may have been affected by sequestration, furloughs, Obamacare hidden taxes and penalties. He speaks in one direction yet works in the opposite.

Hunting or murder?

Is hunting a sport or premeditated murder? They camouflage themselves and use rifles. If they wanted to give the deer a chance, they would use hounds. I wonder what the Hitchcocks would think of this newfangled hunting?

Private schools

Why do we need more private schools, more magnet schools and more charter schools? Do they offer more, or do they just exclude more? Public schools offer arts, counselors, science and counseling. They already have diverse populations and have excited students and teachers. There is no support or volunteers.