Hitchcock Parkway needs to be widened to four lanes. The squeaky-wheeled naysayers – the noisy folks opposed to the idea – should not get all the attention that they have.

The letter to the editor from Molly Gray on Thursday, for instance, makes no sense when she says a four-lane bypass would just be a convenient way for folks who always drive in the left lane to hold up traffic. I am as frustrated by those dumb drivers as she is, but at least another lane would allow drivers to pass those slow drivers.

The Aiken Standard editorial on Aug. 13 makes a convincing argument in favor of widening Hitchcock Parkway. The original intent, when Bob Penland began his development, was to have a true bypass – a four-lane road that facilitates traffic flow. The current road does not do that.

On the bypass, traffic moves very slowly at many times; all it takes is one slow-moving car or truck to bring the road to a near crawl. There are drivers trying to get to and from the Southside of Aiken – people on the South side who work in Augusta, shoppers from Aiken who want to get to Augusta without having to navigate Whiskey Road (which will never be widened and shouldn’t), emergency vehicles heading from the South side to the Aiken hospital, and also others who will benefit from this widening.

Folks who are in favor of widening the bypass should speak up.

Ernest Law