Now we learn that the recent gobble-de-gook report card for our schools will be followed by yet another report card, but this one will not reflect the performance of the “sub-groups.” Parents can compare a school’s rating by both criteria, but what parent would choose a “C” rated school for their child? It seems like a non-so-subtle tactic to discredit and a step toward eliminating public schooling. There are no safeguards or oversight in place to prevent the manipulation of school grading by a state superintendent as in the scandal concerning the Florida State Commissioner’s resignation because of his history of manipulating, favoring charter schools.

Many countries have passed the U.S. in early education. In fact, we aren’t even in the top 10. Our college and universities are the best in the world, but their cost is becoming prohibitive. Even an improved early education could be a dead end without the opportunity of higher education. We are reminded of the warning that the country that out-educates us today will out-compete us tomorrow. Hopefully our school system will be improved and not dismantled for a lucrative for-profit system.

Maxine Dexter