School is soon to be back in session for the students of Aiken County.

While they go and learn, their guardians work and go about their days.

It’s often been a while since these caretakers have sat in a classroom, so, could they answer the questions their children have if ever the occasion arose?

Now is the chance to prove that knowledge with the following quiz. Local teachers contributed to these questions.

1. What artist painted pictures of large flowers?

2. Who were the coolies?

3. How many degrees do the angles measure in a quadrilateral?

4. Who were the three presidents of the Progressive Era?

5. In a class of 28, 10 students were at PE and half of the rest were at music. How many were left in the classroom?

6. In the sentence, “When examining pottery, archaeologists consider not only its appearance but what it was made of,” what is a synonym for examining: studying, questioning, searching or discovering?

7. Who was Winston Churchill?

8. What processes can be used to separate particles in a mixture?

9. What is Brown vs. the Board of Education?

10. What is the third planet from the sun?

11. If you double an odd number, the answer is: always odd, always even, odd or even?

12. What is a monopoly?

13. What Dutch artist and his painting illustrates the movement of the winds and stars?

14. What is the difference between biotic and abiotic factors?

15. In the following sentence, “Modern-day computers hold a massive amount of information, are incredebly fast and are easy to operate,” what word is misspelled?

16. Who is John D. Rockefeller?

17. What is Angel Island?

18. What tense is “I have walked to the store” in?

19. There are seven amusement parks in the state. Each park has eight waterslides, 25 rides and 30 games. How many attractions are there all together?

20. What part of a plant takes in water?


1. Georgia O’Keeffe

2. Chinese immigrants who worked on the railroad and were often treated and paid unfairly

3. 180 degrees

4. Teddy Roosevelt, William Taft and Woodrow Wilson

5. Nine students

6. Studying

7. The prime minister of Great Britain during World War II

8. Filtration, sifting, magnetic attraction, evaporation, chromatography and flotation

9. The Supreme Court decision of 1954 that ruled it was illegal to have segregated schools

10. Earth

11. Always even

12. A business form where one company controls an entire industry

13. “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh

14. Biotic factors are living things in an environment like plants and animals, while abiotic factors are nonliving things in an environment like rocks and water

15. Incredebly. The correct spelling is incredibly.

16. A business leader who started the Standard Oil Company

17. A place in Los Angeles where immigrants were examined before entering the country

18. Present perfect

19. 441

20. Roots