Texas rampage

The Republicans are blaming Obama for the Texas rampage. How is Obama going to stop someone from killing someone else. You can own all the guns you want but you should keep the automatic weapons out of the hands of crazy people.

Obese officer

I just saw a State patrolman and he seemed to be overweight. I want to know how he could chase criminals. Wouldn't this be a detriment to crime prevention?

Overdue work

Highway 78 was supposed to have been widened to a four-lane with a median in the middle in 1997. This should be completed first before anything is done to Hitchcock Parkway.

Coroner office

Aiken is raising money for the horse stables, however the people who need autopsies are in an old facility.

Breakfast for kids

I don't understand why parents don't get up in the morning and fix breakfast for their children. My parents were cotton farmers and fixed breakfast for me every morning.

Project Jackson

The school board needs to consider how many children will be coming into the TIF area. It's not just a ball field and it's not just a hotel.

Positive TalkBacks

Sometimes reading TalkBack is like looking at a car wreck on the side of the road. You know you shouldn't but sometimes you just can't help yourself. And, on occasion, there is something wonderful there. It's like intermittent reinforcement. When these positive “nuggets” are there I am very happy because I realize visitors to our community, those considering moving here, are gauging Aiken by the remarks of its citizens.

Hopelands concert

When the Hopelands Gardens concert was moved to Odell Weeks Activities Center, we saw a lady standing outside with her golden retriever. She said she was not allowed in. At the end of the concert we saw a couple with a basset hound-type pooch inside the gym. We have seen dogs at other Hopelands indoor concerts. Why was this lady being discriminated against? It would be good if the Parks and Rec and H. Odell Weeks used the same standards for everyone.

Housing boom

There are so many houses for sale in Aiken. Could this be because people are sick and tired of City Council and are looking to get out?