Saving money

I see that once a month they’re doing a half-day of school. How does this save money? They still have to run the buses and turn on the lights. Doesn’t it make more sense to have one day of no school once a month?

Bridge repairs

Instead of spending money on widening Hitchcock Parkway, why don’t they spend that money on repairing bridges throughout the state? We don’t need a wider road; we need to maintain what we have.

Coroner offices

Why can’t the coroner have a space in the new Aiken County Complex? I’m sure his place would fit right in on the backside maybe. I don’t see why he can’t be included as he is one of the workers and needs a new place to go.

Autistic children

Autistic children don’t have a fascination with water. They need it to live and they know that. The fact that they drown is unfortunate. As an adult on the autism spectrum, I like to swim, but I don’t have a fascination with water. A lot of children wander off and drown; it doesn’t have anything to do with autism.

Hitchcock meeting

I disagree with Mayor Cavanaugh. It’s not that he didn’t allow anyone to speak, he never indicated that people could speak. It was just meeting adjourned.

People problems

It’s not the fault of the Democrats that people are getting divorces and suffering infidelity. It’s a people problem.


I guess Congress finally read the Obamacare bill and decided they wanted no part of it. We need to kick them all out. They act like a bunch of kings.

Aiken problems

The City of Aiken has its priorities out of perspective. Especially in spending $26 million for the bypass widening. What they really need to do is work on repaving Pine Log Road and the other arteries in the Aiken area that the City needs to be concerned about.


The trees that the Owens Corning plant had cut down were to make room for a storage warehouse. Owens Corning can save money by storing their materials rather than shipping them.

Phone book coupons

People who are receiving the phone books should check in the back for the coupons. There are some good ones in there. It’s a great way to save money.