On Aug. 11, three Aiken churches – Oasis Church, Move of Faith Evangelistic Center and Asamblea de Apostolico, who came together to share food and fellowship as one body.

The Oasis Center Campus – where all the churches meet for varying services – may share the name of the founding church, but is home for all three.

Pastor Ray Popham, Oasis Church, moved his congregation to the Oasis Center Campus in Aiken, nearly four years ago, and since then has seen part of the vision for the campus come to bear.

“We never established our church (Oasis) or the Oasis Center as a place just for us, our vision is to impact the whole Kingdom of God,” Popham said.

So when Pastors Brenda and Larry Abney of Move of Faith Evangelistic Center needed a new place to relocate their church, they came to the Oasis campus.

“I believe that Christ’s church is not a building, but a body of believers in him; and it’s bigger than just our body,” Popham said.

Also meeting on the Oasis Center campus is a local Hispanic church, Asamblea de Apostolico.

Pastor Ricardo Nunez said, “It has been a blessing to work with Pastor Ray and have a wonderful place for our church.”

So as three varying cultures of churches meet under the summer shade, kids play together, food is shared and new friends are made.

The three churches gladly find themselves bound together on one campus sharing and supporting each other’s missions for Christ.

Aiken churches share Oasis Center Campus