They are here! The tree butchers arrived at my house after lunch. I heard them approaching – the squeal of chain saws and grinding of tree from early morning until late afternoon. They have been getting closer the past few weeks. I have seen their path of destruction – half pines and the hacked up tunnel of oaks in the steeplechase area of Powderhouse. Lyon Drive has large chunks of magnolia trees missing. Now they are on Banks Mill and my beautiful magnolia is decimated. I do not blame the men cutting. They were sent by S.C. Electric & Gas. They are responsible with the City of Aiken condoning their actions. It seems to me a better idea to sped the money (paid to these men) on putting the lines underground. It surely could not be more expensive. Or maybe they could just use this manpower to cleanup after any storm damage. I would prefer to be without power for a short while than to have my magnificent magnolia constantly mangled. Aiken will never be a beautiful city until it stops destroying its old trees.

Susan Odum