According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

An Aiken man, who lives on Gregory Road, reported on Saturday that someone had stolen his Browning .380 pistol.

A Connecticut man driving a tractor-trailer truck hit a diesel pump and knocked it over after pulling into the Cheap Way convenience store on Old Ninety Six Indian Trail in Monetta on Saturday. The man told the responding officer that he was “tired and exhausted” when the mishap occurred. The responding officer reported that a metal pole also was damaged.

Unknown vehicles damaged the yards of two homes on Shakerag Road and the yard of a home on Rolling Rock Road in Aiken on Saturday.

A Beech Island man reported on Saturday that someone had opened the back sliding glass door of his truck while it was parked outside his home on Highpointe Drive and took a CD player and other items.

A Graniteville woman was arrested for disorderly conduct on Bristol Drive on Saturday after she came out of a house, went into the road and yelled profanity.

A man from Byron, Ga., reported on Friday that his truck had been stolen from the parking lot of the Kozy Kort Motel on Jefferson Davis Highway in Beech Island.

An Aiken woman reported on Saturday that someone had removed a concrete statue from a flower bed and broken it by dropping it on a concrete driveway outside a home on Chatham Street. The estimated value of the statue was $75.

A Windsor man reported on Saturday that someone had pulled up two fence posts and then laid them on the ground outside his home on North Windsor Road while he was in New York.

A Graniteville man reported on Saturday that another man had kicked the windshield on his vehicle after they got into a verbal dispute. The responding officer observed damage to the vehicle, which was parked outside a home on Midland Drive.

A Georgia woman reported on Saturday that a lawn mower had been stolen from the garage at a house where she had formerly lived on Seaborn Drive in North Augusta. She said she had returned to the house to get a few items when she had noticed that the lawn mower was gone.

A burglary was reported at an abandoned house on Ascauga Lake Road in North Augusta on Saturday.

The responding officer said that the front door of the house had been forced open and that there was graffiti on the walls. The officer also observed what appeared to be the residue from fire extinguishers covering the floor of the house and under the carport.

A woman from Grovetown, Ga., reported on Saturday that a male subject approached her on Cary Drive in Beech Island and asked her if she had a $20 bill that she would give him in exchange for two $10 bills. She gave him a $20 bill and later discovered that the two $10 bills that the subject had given her were counterfeit. She said the subject was driving a gold Nissan car, which possibly was a Maxima.

A man reported in Aiken on Saturday that he had been paid with counterfeit money for yard work he had done at a house on Whiskey Road. He discovered that the money was counterfeit when he paid for his lunch. When the woman who had paid him was told what had happened, she repaid the man for his work. She said she did not know where she had gotten the counterfeit money.