According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

A Beech Island man reported on Friday that straps, a meat saw, a pully and tarp rope from the outside of Atomic Deer Processing building were missing. Man said he would prosecute if suspects could be identified.

A Graniteville man reported on Friday that someone took copper and damaged an air conditioning unit at home on Gregg Street.

A Warrenville man in the process of being transported by EMTs became irate and punched one of the medics in the side of the head. The medic pressed charges. The man was taken to the hospital for his previous medical situation.

An Aiken man reported Friday that someone cut off a lock storage building on Wagener Road, although nothing appeared to have been taken.

An Aiken man reported Friday that three unknown subjects entered his property and stole a trailer while the security cameras were recording the incident. The suspect hooked the trailer to the back of a vehicle while attempting to leave the property, but the trailer became unhooked. The suspect later returned to collect the trailer and drove across the victim’s grass and lawn. The victim said damages estimate to be $500.

A Beech Island man reported that, while he was on his night shift, he found his workshop had been broken into. He reported a computer, chain saw and power tools stolen.

A North Augusta woman reported her son was on the receiving end of threatening text messages from an unknown number in New Jersey. The text messages said the subject wanted to rape the victim.

A North Augusta woman reported a microwave, fridge, air conditioning unit, wall lamps, phone and towel racks were stolen out of a room in the Royal Inn Motel.

An Aiken woman reported while out of town, someone broke into her home on Sunshine Circle and stole at least $2,000 worth of collectible coins as well as binoculars. The woman said a “Guinness World Records” book was moved and a pocket knife not belonging to her was found.

An Aiken man reported after hearing his dog bark, noticed an unknown subject walk away from his Mercedes vehicle carrying golf clubs. The subject was able to flee the scene with items with an estimated value of $1,000.

After receiving phone calls, officers stopped a vehicle appearing to be drifting into opposing lanes and stopped the vehicle with an Aiken woman inside who was using a beginner’s license with no adult in the passenger seat. The officer noticed the subject’s eyes to be red and glossy, and the car smelled of alcohol. The subject was arrested on Charleston Highway.

A Graniteville man reported that, as he was trying to leave his residence, the subject pulled a gun on him and fired one round. After both ensued in a struggle, another shot went off wounding the subject owning the gun, striking him in the right shoulder. The gun was reported stolen out of Richmond, Ga.

An Aiken woman reported a red push mower missing from the side of her home on Shenandoah Road.

A business reported receiving a fraudulent check for new tires in the amount of $178.65

An Aiken man reported someone stole his Browning 380 pistol on Gregory Road. The pistol was locked in a tote bag along with other various toiletry items.

A Beech Island man reported an unknown subject open the back, sliding glass window on a vehicle, which was unsecure. The subject took a CD player, speakerbox, depth tool, visor organizer, CD case and amplifier at B&E Auto on Highpointe Drive.