Hacked taxes

It was my understanding at the time millions of people had their tax returns stolen, which included our Social Security informations and much more, that the state was going to pay for our identity protection for life. I just read that they are now going to secure us for five years. Now that this information is public knowledge, the people who stole it just have to wait five years, and they can most likely use it without too much fear of being caught.

Health care inequality

There have been several comments recently about Obamacare, both pro and con. I wonder how many people realize that most of those in Washington, D.C., who work in government, such as for senators and congressmen, will be in a different category than most American workers. Congress, along with the president, have seen fit to put themselves on a different setup. I saw this morning on the news they will be in a different “tier,” and will get higher amounts to help with their insurance. I wonder how this sits with most people?

Party cooperation

President Bush lied about the weapons in Iraq. He is the one who should have been impeached. Look what he started: two wars. They just don’t want to work together, the Republicans and Democrats. And until they do, it’s going to be like this. So just don’t go blaming the president for Benghazi and all those other places. He can’t control the whole world. He has people in his department to do some of that stuff because he can’t be everywhere at the same time.

Birth certificate

The Republicans and Democrats are all the same. Why aren’t they starting the impeachment. The birth certificate is a forgery. Wake up.

Southern fashion

I want to know why all these Yankees wear black socks with tennis shoes. They don’t have a clue about style in the South.

Pass the torch

I think Councilwoman Lessie Price has done a great job for the City. However, after 20-plus years, I think it’s time to pass the torch to someone else.

Election consequences

When the Internal Revenue Service comes to collect your fines, smile. You voted for a president who has total control over your life. You voted for food stamps, unemployment benefits and health care. Health care is not free. You will be fined every year, and the IRS will collect your fines from the property. When the sheriff and the IRS come to collect what you owe, smile. Elections have consequences.