The State Department of Education has released letter grades based on a state standardized test for elementary and middle schools and multiple criteria for high schools.

The website will be updated later today, and more information and test scores will be published in Friday's issue.

Overall, the Aiken County School District received a grade of "C," which means the district met state goals.

Warrenville and Gloverville elementary Schools had "A" and "B" grades, and New Ellenton Middle School received an "A." All three have earned statewide recognition on performance among federally-designated Title I schools, based on high percentages of low-income students. Schofield Middle also received an "A."

Midland Valley and Silver Bluff high schools received "B" grades, the top grades among the high schools awarded by the State Department. Aiken administrators are pleased with the performances of several schools, but are concerned that the test results will be confusing to  parents and the public.

Dr. Randy Stowe, the district's director administrator, noted that two high-achieving elementary schools, Chukker Creek and Aiken, received a "B" and a "C," respectively. South Aiken, Aiken and North Augusta high schools received "C" grades.

"The lower grades for some schools are not an indication of the those schools' quality of instruction," Stowe said.