Was anyone looking?

It seems our wonderful, open City Council pulled a fast one on the taxpayers of the City of Aiken.

Just a few weeks ago, and with great haste, our City Council unanimously approved buying a piece of land from The Green Boundary Club for $234,000. This, with such high deed restrictions, that it can barely be used for anything more than an occasional parking lot.

Wow. Taxpayers dollars went to support the wealth residents, and many non-residents, of Aiken? All this money so the wealthy members of the Green Boundary can buy their building next door? Could it be that four members of the City Council happen to be members of this elite club and didn’t want to have to pay the looming assessment to members if this ridiculous purchase wasn’t approved?

Where were the activists that continually write of wayward council members and misuse of taxpayers funds? Could it be they are also members of The Green Boundary? Where was the S.C. Policy Council that is supposed to be a watchdog for misbehavior? Could it be their supporters are also members of this elite club? Where were the minority members of the council? Could it be that money talks?

This is the same City Council that has continuously dragged its feet over support of the black history museum, a major historical contribution to the City.

Isn’t it time we get a Council that looks out for all of Aiken and not just special interests?

Terry Thomas Jackson