Out for blood

The “lynch mob” demonstrations out for blood from Zimmerman are the direct result of the liberal media that convicted him of murder before the case came to trial. They have continued to print inflammatory half-truths about the case that resulted in gullible people not being willing to accept the verdict that was arrived at by people who took the time and made the effort to learn the facts of the case.

Great place

Thank goodness that we live in Aiken – with all the Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman trial follow on criticism, it is nice to know the people of Aiken are far more accustomed with serving one another rather than fighting one another. Keep the federal government and syndicated news media out of our community, and all will be OK. Love thy brother as thyself, and Aiken will continue to be a great place to live.

Riots and destruction

If anyone tried to impeach Obama, there would be riots and destruction.

Giving speeches

I see the president is off traveling in Air Force One and giving speeches, blaming everyone but himself for his failures.


It’s ironic that President Obama talks about how he can relate to the black youths who “hear the click of car doors locking” when, in fact, he grew up in a very racially accepting environment in Hawaii, a state that has more mixed racial citizens than any other. He was raised by white grandparents who saw to it he went to a very posh, private school and later left him a half-million dollars. He lived an upper-middle-class lifestyle and undoubtedly wanted for very little. One might think our president has become a race baiter for solely political reasons. His legacy will be that of the most divisive president rather than the healing, uniting one he promised.

News flash

I have a news flash for you; Obama will be making millions of dollars long after he leaves office, while his supporters will still be trying to make ends meet. Oh, maybe Michelle will run for office after Hillary Clinton serves her two terms as president. Republicans will not occupy the White House for least the next two decades because their 1960s views are not shared by the majority of Americans.


Obama says he is proud of his economic record. Maybe an enterprising reporter can ask him why he is proud of the fact that, since he became president, for every job the administration says they created, two Americans went on food stamps. That is not a record of which Obama should be proud.