The shocking thing about the Legacy Stable barn fire last Saturday was not just the event itself, but the tremendous outpouring of support and encouragement from the Aiken community and the entire Thoroughbred industry.

We are thankful to God for the circumstances that allowed all of our horses to be safely rescued.

We’re thankful for the multitude of people instrumental in the rescue effort and those still supporting us in our relocation and rebuilding program.

We lost saddles, tack, feed, computers, supplies, irreplaceable pictures and memorabilia, but found a new respect and love for our friends and acquaintances who jumped into action and came to our aid.

We know it is dangerous to mention names as we’ll inevitably omit dozens who gave or offered assistance, but we must mention a few.

We will be eternally grateful to Evan, Gene, Victor, Oscar and all of our friends from the wedding party who swiftly and professionally evacuated our horses to safe places. A huge thanks to Director of Public Safety Charles Barranco and the brave firefighters who responded quickly, brilliantly and professionally, containing a very hot and dangerous blaze.

Thank you to Louise Mellon for opening her barn and paddocks.

Thanks to Tim and Jennifer Mansell, Robbie and Thalia Stoddard, Dr. Caleb Harms, Jack and Sarah Swartz, all of our off-duty employees, Elias, Alberto and Javier and their wives who bedded stalls, hung buckets, relocated horses, supplied water, brought feed, etc.

Thanks to Tim Jones for loaning us wheelbarrows, saddles, bridles and even a barn had we needed it so we could continue the training schedule for our horses.

Thank you to Lydia Herrick and the gals at Aiken Saddlery for unbelievably great prices on tack & supplies as we rebuild. Thanks again to the Mansells who were instrumental in acquiring 22 fans graciously donated by Lowe’s.

This has been a very humbling time for us as we’ve received so much love and support when there are hundreds in the community with much more serious needs.

That does not diminish our love and appreciation for everyone’s support.

May God bless you all!

Ron Stevens and Brad Stauffer

Legacy Stable owners