Government scandals

When would the NSA or IRS ever work on their own? I see Watergate II: The Obama Administration.

Voter ID

It is the Republicans who want the voter ID so that it’s harder for minorities to vote. Especially if the candidate is a minority. Nobody is crazy.

Helpful worker

There is a woman who works in the city finance office who has been extremely helpful to me every time I call. I really needed help, and she was able to take the time and help me.

Local construction

What is being built on Highway 302 after the Fiberglass and AGY plant? They have dug up all the pine trees.

Augusta expansion

I noticed that Augusta is getting a Bass Pro Shop and a Cabela’s. Why can’t Aiken County bring something like that to our community?

Detroit issues

I’m not sure what the problem in Detroit is. Why doesn’t the United States just annex it to Canada like we should have done a long time ago? That way the Lions could finally win a title in the CFL.

CAB advisers

The Citizens Advisory Board needs to be aware of who it takes advice from. Some of the people are self-proclaimed progressive Socialist and ecoterrorists. If you don’t believe me, look at what happened to Oak Ridge.

Taxes wasted

The school system wastes a lot of tax dollars, too. It pays for taxis to take students to school and pays teachers that have no students. It doesn’t pay the aides nearly enough.

No Rapper’s Delight

How lucky for the people of Florida that Jay-Z and Kanye West are boycotting them. They can stay out of South Carolina, too.

S.C. pensions

The public has little or no understanding of the state of South Carolina’s pension system. Shine some light on it. An outside audit needs to be done to see who gets what and why.

Presidential privilege

I still see people are upset about Obama. Now I see he put $100 million to buy water and electricity in Africa. We shouldn’t lie on our president. He won fair and square.

Andrea’s column

I love Fred Andrea’s column so much.