Economy issues

The U.S. economy is supposedly showing improvements. However, I don't think they're taking into account the fact that tornadoes and hurricanes have wiped out a lot of people's furniture, cars and housing.

Police solutions

Sequester is needed in the local police department. We have bank robbers in Aiken.

Property value

I believe the property owner should know why the taxable value of their property increases.


I'm not willing to pay my freedom for a false sense of security. We should ask what the government is hiding from us under the veil of security.

Legacy Stable

It's a shame that barn burned down. It was an Aiken landmark that, hopefully, returns soon. It's good that no horses or humans died.

Detroit bankruptcy

The people in leadership positions in Detroit should be forced to pay for their mistakes, and the federal government shouldn't give them a pension bailout.

Local phonebook

Has anyone else received a new phonebook? My copy had no North Augusta phone numbers. Did anyone else have this problem?

Eastgate pothole

There is a hole so deep by Eastgate Drive it looks like a sinkhole. It needs to be fixed immediately so that I'm not damaging my car even more.