Aiken Standard readers have the opportunity to play assignment editor, choosing stories they want featured in their paper by voting in a poll online.

“Choose the News,” a new special feature, allows readers to vote for their favorite five out of 12 story ideas they would like to see featured in the Aiken Standard in the near future.

The link to the poll is located on the Aiken Standard's website at

Story ideas were developed by reporters, then voted on by staff, narrowing the selection from 30 to 12 ideas. Out of the 12 article ideas, readers can vote on their favorite five they would like to see reporters write about.

The story ideas range from customized cars in Aiken, to online firearms training, all the way to the history behind the Aiken Community Playhouse.

Haley Hughes, Aiken Standard's news editor, was inspired by an online feature where viewers picked their favorite national and international story ideas they wanted to see featured on the news website. However, the Aiken Standard's poll features only local story ideas involving Aiken County residents.

Voters are able to vote for their favorite story ideas as many times as they want, beginning today through Aug. 5.

Within the coming month, readers will be able to see what top five stories were picked. In case one of the reader's top five does not get picked, Hughes said not to fear because the remaining seven stories will likely be assigned to reporters in the near future.

“This is a wonderful way to engage our readers in their hometown newspaper in a new, exciting way. I hope they will take the opportunity to visit the website, vote in the poll and, in doing so, tell us what stories they are most interested in,” Hughes said.

Vote in the online poll at