Charles Waylon Fields, 30 – criminal domestic violence

Richard Gary Hayes, 52 – driving under the influence

Christopher Carlos Williamson, 28 – criminal domestic violence

Jermisha Tiowana Sweat, 20 – criminal domestic violence

Tracy David Cook, 39 – criminal domestic violence

Christa Brooke Durden, 18 – simple possession of marijuana, driving under the influence

Jeffery Lawrence McKie, 39 – criminal domestic violence

Tammy Marie Gaddis, 41 – shoplifting value $2,000 or less

Jonathan Warren Brooks, 40 – violations of uniform securities act

Travis Ray Whitten, 26 – failure to pay as ordered family court

Tara Mary Fay Dickinson, 23 – forgery

William Earl Tucker Sr., 52 – failure to appear and pay

Mark Kenneth Kesterson, 28 – failure to stop for blue lights, shoplifting

Ernest Lamar Simpkins, 43 – violation of court-ordered protection two counts

Brandee Judith Nicole Heath, 28 – grand larceny

Verchael Denise Dyson, 47 – no valid driver’s license, hold for Edgefield County

Willie Bee Clark, 55 – driving under the influence

Dequez Nathan Leshun McKie, 20 – driving under suspension

Andrew Walker Pilkington, 23 – malicious injury to personal property

Daniel Bradford Mishoe, 32 – uninsured motor vehicle, operating vehicle

Stephanie Nicole Banks, 37 – driving under suspension, improper use of dealer tag, no vehicle license, operating uninsured vehicle

George Barron Griffin, 64 – malicious injury to real property

Chester Lee Settles, 23 – failure to comply, disorderly conduct, malicious injury to property

Donald Daffey Paige, 60 – trespass after notice

Makenzie Laron Williamson, 29 – criminal domestic violence

Billy Ray Bagwell, 65 – driving under the influence

Whitney Blake Nappier, 27 – driving under suspension third offense

Justin Cymon Pittman, 26 – driving under the influence

Jose Refugio Rodriquez, 36 – no driver’s license, driving under the influence, hold for Immigration Customs Enforcement

Alphonso Fenner, 39 – failure to pay as ordered

Harold Melvin Bates, 46 – failure to pay as ordered

Sandra Adams Huntington, 39 – hit-and-run with great bodily injury two counts

Charles Culler, 59 – criminal domestic violence

Charlie Gene Wenner, 30 – burglary third degree two counts, breaking into motor vehicle five counts, petit or simple larceny two counts

Carolyn Williams Spann, 57 – driving under suspension third offense

Christopher David Savoy, 31 – failure to appear and pay

Demetrius Eric Williams, 27 – possession of a weapon, attempted murder

Hope Michelle Lightsey, 42 – trespassing after notice, malicious injury to real property

Deon Foster, 33 – discharging a firearm under the influence, discharging a firearm within city limits

Kendrick Tyrane Sanders, 29 – assault and battery third degree

Devan Antron Perry, 20 – malicious injury to personal property, criminal domestic violence

Aaron Keith Steele, 23 – damaging city property, shoplifting first offense