Raised my hackles

Mayor Lark Jones raised my hackles calling me a non-resident naysayer. As a taxpayer in the Aiken School District who is aware of the dismal state of education funding in South Carolina, I have been opposed to Project Jackson’s planned use of potential school taxes. If the project cannot stand on its own two legs economically, it should not prop itself up with funds taken from the education system.


I’ve been watching the news coverage of the Trayvon Martin trial after the Jury verdict of “Not Guilty” and was appalled by the coverage of MSNBC. While all other networks were fair in how they delivered the verdict, MSNBC continues to promote hate and racism. To those who believe in what that network has to say, God help you.

Truly amazing

It is truly amazing how TV weight loss programs for women can enhance breasts, whiten teeth and give new hairstyles and wardrobes.


Kudos to the jury foreman who decided to wait until almost midnight on Saturday to announce the Zimmermen verdict. Probably saved lots of property from being destroyed and kept even more of our young, black males from going to prison.

Shame, shame

Senator Thompson should be ashamed of himself for suggesting a reverse mortgage would be appropriate for most seniors. By playing on their emotional attachment to the nests in which they raised their kids, he’s leading many of them to commit to staying in a place no longer appropriate for older folks. These types of homes generally cost a lot more to maintain, heat, cool and insure than a downsized, more easily navigated, stairless residence. For some it might be the right move, but, for most, it is a mistake. Also, the closing costs on such loans tend to be exorbitantly high compared to other types of loans. Why do you think the Federal Government requires special, third party counseling for all reverse mortgage applicants?

No respect

How can we expect any one to respect the law when Obama, Erica holder and Janet Napolitano all fail to uphold the laws on the books? We expect our government to enforce the laws of the land, not pick and chose the ones they like. No wonder we get riots and increased crimes. It is incredible that these people were elected and chosen to run this country.