In response to the person who wrote that our ancestors came into this country through a legal process, none of the people who first entered this country asked the American Indians if there was any legal process they should follow to enter and establish residence. The colonists didn’t have to sneak in; they just entered the country in overpowering numbers, killing many of the Indians and sending the rest to reservations. In fact, no legal process for U.S. citizenship existed up through much of the 19th century. People were needed to settle the West; all they had to do was come.

Turn off the lights

The school zone lights signaling a change from 45 down to 30 mph in front of Aiken Middle School need to be shut off for the summer, seeing as school has been out for over a month now. They are a constant disruption for those of us traveling down Wire Road in the mornings and afternoons. Some people continue to drive 45 through the zone while others slow down traffic to obey something that shouldn’t be going on. I’m sure it will be shut off just in time for school to start back up in August.

Reduce speed

You really thought that through when asking for fewer speed traps on Sunday. There are many children in cars on Sundays, and they need protection. Speeding needs to be reduced at all times, not just when it’s convenient for you.


Why doesn’t DHEC require the contractor working on the Aiken High expansion use proper siltation barriers to prevent silt from polluting the stormwater runoff and messing up Rutland Drive?