Folks, we are being conned again, and one of the aiders and abettors of that con is our own senior Sen. Lindsey Graham.

After Congress convened this year, four Republican and four Democratic senators began work on a “comprehensive” immigration reform bill. Initial propaganda from the “Gang of Eight” indicated that the invasion across the Southern border, which has been ignored under both Republican and Democratic administrations, would be stopped before amnesty for “illegals” could take place. It turns out that the “pathway to citizenship” for “illegals” would begin immediately while actual closing the Southern border could be delayed five years or more. Does any rational person believe the border will ever be closed while the “illegals” provide cheap labor for business and votes for Democrats?

As for the 11 to 20 million “illegals” already here this “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill would require certain actions by “illegals” before they could get on the pathway to citizenship. One requirement: They must undergo, and presumably pass, a background check. Does anyone believe that a background check of 11 to 20 million “illegals” is feasible when the federal government is unable to perform a proper background check on only one person, the NSA leaker Edward Snowden?

There is an old saying: “lay down with dogs and get up with fleas!” Those who would get in bed with “Gang of Eight” Sens. Durbin of Illinois and Schumer of New York will get much more than fleas! These two routinely shaft the American people, and amnesty for “illegals” is simply one more time. Perhaps Sen. Graham should be included with Durbin and Schumer. He called those who oppose amnesty for “illegals” bigots in a May 2007 speech before LaRaza, a Hispanic civil rights group.

Hubert Baker