New life is closer to coming to Graniteville. The ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the site of the new Recelim recycling facility on Tuesday shows the small town is making steps towards revitalization.

Once part of the manufacturing backbone of our community, it’s particularly meaningful that the town’s latest manufacturing recruitment is a recycling company.

Graniteville has been rebuilding for eight years after a devastating train crash spilled toxic chlorine into the air.

The groundbreaking on Tuesday shows Graniteville is recovering and can one day regain its former strength as a manufacturing town. Recleim is investing $40 million in its plant that will recycle appliances and e-waste materials. The project is expected to create 200 new jobs.

It was just up the street from the company’s site where in 2005, a collision of train cars led to the release of chlorine, killing nine and injuring 200. The chlorine spill damaged property and equipment of many local businesses.

The company’s progress is a testament to the citizens of Graniteville and the lawmakers and officials of Aiken County. Without hard work and due diligence from local leaders, companies would shy away from formerly toxic land.

The old Hickman Mill plant now housing the facility has been renovated to include new loading and receiving docks as well as new offices and a refurbished parking lot. The facility is start-of-the-art, a shining example of what can be done even after tragedy.

The site is especially significant when added to Bridgestone’s historic investment at its tire manufacturing plant at the Sage Mill Industrial Park in Graniteville.

Since the town endured such a devastating incident eight years ago, we’ve hoped the area could be revived with new residents and new jobs. We’re certainly grateful to see it blossoming once again.