Christine Jolicoeur-Smith is passionate about animals.

It's that deep concern that compelled her to think about ways of providing animal owners with a peace of mind. Jolicoeur-Smith has relocated her business from Arizona to Aiken.

Jolicoeur-Smith and her husband are trail riders, who've ridden across the country eight times, and in 39 different states. The decision to move to Aiken was three-fold, they wanted to be in an area with outstanding medical facilities, in an equestrian community and to be in a warmer climate.

“We had been traveling with our own horses,” said Jolicoeur-Smith. “We found a (monitoring) system when we were living in New York back in the late '90s. It was pretty rudimentary. It was a big box with a black and white picture. I think that was the beginning of the industry, and because we were moving cross country we didn't want to travel that distance without being able to watch our horses.”

However, it was that personal experience and the willingness to share her message about horse trailer safety that led Jolicoeur-Smith to found the company that specializes in camera, tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems. The company's slogan is “Your horse is worth it.” The cameras provide both day and nighttime images.

The cameras and monitors can be customized specifically to fit a client's needs, said Jolicoeur-Smith.

“We don't claim to prevent problems,” said Jolicouer-Smith. “Our claim is that we will prevent a problem from becoming a disaster. The value of our products is very reasonable compared to the value of someone's horse.” offers its clientele a complete safety package for a horseman's truck and trailer, said Jolicoeur-Smith. The temperature and humidity monitoring came about during Smith's time in the Southwest. Proper tire inflation and correct air pressure are also a concern for anyone driving a vehicle that's pulling a trailer, and the tire pressure monitor can provide a greater sense of security.

“If you're driving a truck, there's always a chance you're going to have a blowout,” said Jolicoeur-Smith. “If you blow out a front tire on a single axle vehicle, you're in for a major problem in controlling the vehicle at the speeds you drive as well as whatever you're towing behind you.”

The locally based business has established partnerships with local dealerships and repair companies to provide installation services for consumers buying their products, she said. will also have a presence at a number of equestrian sport events, said Jolicoeur-Smith.

“We're going to take a booth to different shows,” said Jolicoeur-Smith. is a division of Paradise Ranch LLC. For more information call 887-875-7226 or email