Though it’s been a little cooler and very rainy these past couple of weeks, Fourth of July will feel more like a typical summer day in South Carolina.

According to the National Weather Service in Columbia, there’s a 40 percent chance for precipitation throughout the day. Today is predicted to not be as wet as it was on Wednesday, as several portions of the CSRA experienced some steady, heavy rainfall.

For the rest of the weekend through Sunday, the chance of rain will range from between 30 to 50 percent.

National Weather Service Hydrological Meteorological Technician Al Moore said the transition to a “more typical summerlike pattern” starts today, meaning that the mornings will be mostly dry and as the day heats up, scattered storms will pop up around the afternoon hours.

Moore added the temperatures will be a little warmer with the high reaching 87 but it’s still not as close to the average of 93 degrees. On Wednesday, the high was only 83.

“That shows how much below normal we’ve been in the last couple of days,” Moore said. “We won’t get that warm tomorrow or Friday, but we’re trending back in that direction.”

Temperatures from today to Sunday are forecast to reach the high 80s to the low 90s and will dip into the low 70s at night.

The humidity will continue to be high, Moore said.

The skies will be mostly cloudy today, but that shouldn’t impact too many firework displays in the CSRA. Moore said the clouds should be elevated enough, which is a favorable condition for fireworks shows.

Amy Banton is the City beat reporter for the Aiken Standard. Originally from Rustburg, Va., she graduated from Randolph Macon Woman’s College and has been with the newspaper since 2010.