To put in perspective the cost of the Obama pleasure trip to Africa, the furlough of more than 2,000 SRNS employees who gave up 20 percent of their pay for two months would have financed only a portion of this particular Obama adventure. The class of Americans that are totally out of control are the elitists in Washington, D.C. The “chief” offender of that class is Obama.

No gay marriage

I am a Democrat most of the time and I want the world to know that we all don’t support same-sex marriage. I’m totally against that. It’s in the Bible plain and clear. I’m also against abortion.


I think there are a lot of people like myself who are disgusted with our country and our Supreme Court. Any man can marry any woman. Every man and woman already has that right. There are many gay men who are married to women.

Paul Deen

I think what they’re doing to Paula Deen is crazy. Is she the only person who has ever said a racial word? All these companies pulling their endorsements should be boycotted by the nation as a whole for what they’re doing to her.


There was a terrible accident on the Interstate on the bridge going to Augusta. The westbound lane is closed but there was nothing on the news to let people know. Why?

Free pass

If an average person had jumped the curb and killed a woman, he would have been carted off to jail. But it seems like since it happened to an attorney, he was given a free pass.