At the SPCA, we enjoy taking the time to talk to new owners of our adoption animals about providing their pets with appropriate medical care.

A major part of your pet’s annual care is a physical examination with your family veterinarian.

A good relationship between you, your pet and your vet is crucial.

There is no substitute for the knowledge, experience and insight a veterinarian can provide for the care of your pet.

Aiken has several wonderful veterinarians to choose from, so when a client comes into the SPCA for its regular vaccinations, we provide a list of those in our area and strongly encourage owners that do not already have one to call and schedule an appointment for their animal.

Education is important us. Oftentimes a client will come to the SPCA for the required yearly rabies vaccine and leave with information about heartworm testing, the importance of a microchip and an appointment to have their animal spayed or neutered.

People are often surprised to find out that their new puppy or kitten needs a series of vaccines while young to provide proper immunity, or that heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and a monthly prevention should be given to keep pets safe and healthy.

A common misconception we hear regularly about cats is “I don’t need my cat tested for FIV/feline leukemia because he/she is vaccinated and would be sick if they had it.”

We do vaccinate for feline leukemia, but not for FIV and both of these infectious diseases can be dormant for years in your cat before symptoms surface.

Testing your cat for FIV and leukemia is important to your cat’s health as well as the cats that she comes into contact with.

We have found that if we take the time to explain why a pet needs a particular vaccine or test and how those products can keep their pet healthy and safe, we are met with a positive response from the owner.

In keeping with the SPCA’s commitment to animal welfare and health through affordable and accessible services, we offer vaccinations, heartworm and FIV testing to the public Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We offer all recommended annual vaccines and testing, microchips, nail trims and prevention products.

An appointment is not necessary and services are available to all income levels.

It doesn’t take long, and while you are waiting for your pet to be vaccinated, you can enjoy the beautiful new adoption center and possibly find another new friend anxiously waiting to be adopted into your family.


VACCINATIONS AND TESTING: No appointment necessary Tuesday – Friday 11-3.

SPAY AND NEUTER CLINIC: Call 648-6863 for an appointment. Ask about all our Low Cost programs. Affordable for every income level.